Her Happy Space


Hello, Everyone! It’s been awhile since my last post, due to work. But, here’s a post of some fun I found via Instagram. I had some free time the other day and decided to join  Instagramer:  Slap Happy Turtle.  I have enjoyed seeing her artistic photos for some time, now.   She’s also known to feature other photography enthusiast, photos, too.

The ones that are featured usually share detailed information on  editing apps , tools and tips, that’s used to make their imaginative photos.  Please, when you have time visit her site, you’ll be in  awe over how much the photos resemble  paintings. I personally never believed, I could  obtain such talent. As I imagined everyone, over their iPad or Tablets, while masterfully using stylus pins like paint brushes.

Wait! Before, I get ahead of myself let me briefly explain how this community works. Each week  Ms. Jessica, inspires creatives with a photo to edit and downloaded from her Tumblr account. Where she  gives a link of the photo and it’s origins. After, getting it you have a week to do your magic.However,there isn’t much of a  guide line than that. But, beware  your work is paired with artist who may have  darker interpretations, then some. Such as life, right?

Let’s  move on to this week’s photo prompt: a Christmas Tree. Keep in mind this was first real attempt at an artistic photo edit.  I will share with you what I used so, you all may create your own and join in the fun!

Here we go:

1: Grab the prompt from: SlapHappyTurtle 

2: I used a photo of a friend’s profile

3: Than I used InstaEffect, once there I layered my photo with,  the tree , and a custom effect from the app, all together

4: Saved the edited version to on my camera roll

5: Than I went to the Layrs app, where I picked layers and used my stylus pin to trace my friends face. than I went to edit within the app and picked the Flakes filter. That’s the affect you all see above that surrounds every thing that I masked. Cool right?! ( I’ll explain this app in detail on a later post, its fun and we have few more steps to go) 

6: With in that same app, I choose foreground and added: the Ombre filter to her face and tree. It was those that I had masked.

7: I save to camera roll, again

8: Next, I went to my: Repix app, where I used magic dust on the tree and ravens from her eyes.

9: Save to camera roll

10; Post it with the proper hashtags and mentions Such as: @GrabEditPost 

and done and done!

So, what do you all think of my photo called: A Happy Space. It’s about a young woman confronted by  her fears of being left alone, during  the storms of her troubles. 

The truth of how I came about that title, is that I showed my friend what i did with the picture I took of her. She,than  told  me wow! and it was cool but, birds always creep her out. I didn’t know when used them.  So, we both thought it would be the perfect caption  for the photo. What’s not true about the photo is, my friend has a large family and supportive friends. So, being left alone is the least of her fears.

Well, until the next post. By the way have you all notice the name change? Well, here’s hint on what my next post will be about, because writer in progress is no more. Find out why soon. God blesss. peace and Jesus ~ Still Leah Jlyn writer in progress forever )


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