Best D.I.Y. of my year


This past Christmas Holiday my Friends and I, we’re welcomed into a good friends home, for a Christmas party.  Where, we naturally exchanged gifts after a pot luck dinner, where we shared food from our cultures. We’re  a diverse group of people from around the world, so the meal setting was perfect. I made skinny shrimp creole gumbo!  Needless, to say it was an enjoyable evening.

Now, that I set the setting of where I was,  let’s get to the homemade gift, that was given to everyone. That, I thought was a great idea on our  hostess / friend, part. She, gave us all a: 1/2 cup ( 4oz) Gladware, of Candy Cane body scrub. Great!  We can reuse the container to make our own scrubs. Because,  inside our Christmas cards was a,  themed recipe card.

Which is awesome and again a great idea, as it’s a gift that can be given for any occasion. Like,  a  Spa day with friends,which can happen at anytime.  I figured this out from a few points, One being packaging. You can tie any color bow  and pair  it with most occasional cards or benefit. Another thing is that the  natural ingredients are season less, too.

As the ingredients use can be used year round. Such as sugar for its gentle exfoliation power,for most skin types.  While, the peppermint works against inflammation. .Just think about how great this must feel  on tried or a pregnant women’s feet.  (  Please, ask a doctor about problem skin or if you have any allergies before using) . 

Also let’s not forget about the benefits of coconut oil. As it  adds moisture back into the skin. Not only to the surface of epidermis, but,  the dermis, too. Hence, the many factor and beauty of using this oil. Personally, I use it alone, as a  facial moisturizer. Loves it! See, perfect for year round uses!

Now, that I gave you a few reasons why I adore this idea. I thought  I’d share the recipe with ya’ll. In hopes you will make some as a party gift for bridesmaids , mothers and daughter spa day and mothers- to -be , etc. I would also like to hear ideas from you!

Okay, here it is:

Ingredients, the Sugar Scrub: ( note the name changes, so you can use it for another occasion)

1 1/2-2cups sugar

1/2 -1 cup coconut oil

4-6 drops peppermint oil

1 tsp vitamin E oil


1: Melt coconut oil until it becomes liquid

2: Mix in peppermint oil and vitamin E

3: Stir in sugar ( after removing from heat)

4: Store in an air tight container

5: Enjoy on your hands and feet.

I use it all over, except for my face and any sensitive areas. I like how it softens my  skin  and gives it a natural glow.

Blessings, Everyone ~ Leah


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