Our house 1/364


Happy New Year, Everyone! Today, was full of a few family and southern traditions for the new year. One of them was  going to church before going into work, today. The other was Black-Eyed Peas , made with liquid smoke, for dinner. We also served  saute’d Kale on the side, along with left over turkey, Yum! The best of these traditions is being able to share  it with family and friends.

It’s during such times that the history of such traditions makes sense. Because, we’re all together with people we love. That, one can’t help, but to become thankful for getting through the old year. As this new year and day 1 begins. Regardless, of  what may hinder us from blessings and possibilities , as long as we have each other. Even, when we fight and  get on each other nerves, during the 364 other days that are coming up 😀 (  I’m serious)

So, welcome to my table, WordPress friends and family. F.Y.I : Click: Black Eyed Pea link, to get a better understanding about why southerners cook them on New Years!  

As always God bless in the name of Jesus! Live 1 Cafe will be up with a new post next week.~ Leah

Photo: Leah Jlyn

Edited with Rhonna Designs & Krop Circle, apps


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