Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare


photo: Halo Heaven

Some times I have to dare myself to hear the truth. It’s a love/ hate road to take and hear.  Especially,  when it’s something I want to do. This is when I want everyone to be yes folks. I Want my family to say, “I can do anything”. I want may friends to tell me the same. Even, God!

But, at the same time it occurs to me I need to hear the truth, as we all know family can do that easily. But,to  hear  it from a good friend, is harsh and it seems to hurt more. Although, we get older we realize those are the friends that really care. They’re the ones who aren’t hating on you. Because, they hurt when you hurt. They’re also the ones who have seen you fall, or have fallen themselves. Their main concern is that they don’t want the same for you, just like family.Besides, telling a friend the truth, hurts just as much as it does the friend.

However, truth needs to be said by those that care. Other wise how would I know I’ m doing anything wrong.  How can I improve  in whatever it is I’ am doing, without hearing it. This makes better sense if  I consider  hearing it from someone, I’m in business with or someone I want to date. This scenario can apply to so many things, life decision is one extreme and how I look in something is a milder example. Though at times the latter  is just as extreme to me :/

Another thing honesty isn’t meant to stop us completely. Unless, of course we’re harming someone or harming ourselves with drugs, drink , a really bad relationship and etc. Those are givens, for  love ones and friends to intervene with bothersome honest God’s truth, to stop!

As for the other hand of wrong choices as in  the third paragraph, it’s okay for me to put on my big girl drawers, dare to listen,  and peacefully regroup, myself to move forward. Because, I have a really great support, however very annoying support system!

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