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This is the challenge for day 4 at: Zero to Hero:30 days for a better blog /the Daily Post. So this is what I found during some of the visits.

I found the first blog through, Australian photographer: Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY ~ art and practice . I appreciate her advice on photography. Also, the adventure she takes her readers on as she documents them through her artful eye a.k.a her camera. I have her on my list of people to interview or feature; until than take a look through her photo album. While your there you will pick up insider advice on bettering your photos and products to use.  Doesn’t that sound great?! Good!

Now go visit: A Touch Of The Divine by Michelle . Who, I found today featured on Leanne’s blog. Michelle’s tag line gets you at first sight; Searching for the Extra in the ordinary . When you see her photos of the scenic views of a Canadian winter and up close nature shots. I’m sure you all will see the extraordinary, too. It’s a gift that both photographers have, which is the beauty of these two blogs. Another good thing is, if you’re not a photographer you won’t be disappointed by what you see.

My third was very interesting: Broken Light: A Photography Collective . It a place for photographers or  lovers of photography, who get together to share their work. That sounds traditional, enough. An everyday interactive blog; it’s for creatives with mental illness.

I think this a great idea. Part of their statement is ” Broken Light’s main goal is to create a safe and accepting environment where photographers of all levels who are affected by mental health issues can display their work, as well as inspire one another to keep going and keep creating, despite the dark or scary places in which they may find themselves.”

Awesome! They also encourage other people without illness to help out to spread some light and encouragement. I hope to add to the positivity ,as I  have witness such moments.  Please, and join me!

My forth is off the path a bit, but something close to my heart I found it today at: the Unfinished Child /God’s not done with me yet.  Which makes: Mavis Davis my fifth find. These are both Christian blogs, that are identifiable for said community and belief.  This is also where I found something that I have never seen done in this forum before, that I had to try it.

It’s called: 15 minute drawing challenge, where we use the featured bible verse! I thought it was fun, though it looks like I’m the only that participated. I still think it’s a great idea that needs some support. If you like to see my effort please go to my christian blog: Live 1 Cafe  and of course join the fun at Mavis Davis.

In conclusion all these blogs are family orientated. Where they share their joy ,angst and advice in motherhood and marriage. Which makes every one of these blogs relatable  to everyone, for me it’s the creativity and any advice is good advice.

Blessings and xx-oo ~Leah


2 thoughts on “Explore the Neighborhood

  1. So glad I found you through Zero to Hero. The photo above is beautiful. And you are doing something on my list of bloggy things to figure out – watermarks with your blog name. I’m hoping they cover it at some stage this month. If not, I’m sure I’ll get there.

    All the best on the challenge!

    • Water mark your photos from where you edit them. for Ipad it’s an actual app called: watermark on itunes. But must edit photo apps have them. It’s a separate icon on most photo edits like picmonkey and than you add your name and date. I hope this helped.

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