The Outsiders

Daily Prompt: The Outsiders

Tel us about the experience of being outside, looking in — however you’d like to interpret that.

The experience of being on the  outside , looking in is a  comfort zone, for me. This is the zone where I can chose to be part of something, by documenting it with in my mind.and sharing it.This makes being on the outside not a bad thing.
Because how can a photographer find a subject to photograph. How can an actor really feel a role. A painter paint , a poet empathize and a healer know the right words to heal. In order to accomplish most of  these things, at one point they all must live on the outside or out of themselves.

There are so many positive things created because, someone who’s on the outside looking in. Because , they said “Hello world I’am here and let me tell you your not alone!” That person may have a different sexual orientation. But, some of us , have to admit we have at one time in our lives, had a moment when we didn’t fit the mold.

Like a new job,  being a certain race and having a certain belief. Or, perhaps we are part of the same community or organization.But, the difference is our perspective and acceptance in things. Or, it’s  a thick accent and the way we’er  dressed, with the accent.

But, it’s okay. It those thing that we create beautiful things from. So, the hurting person can say, ” Hi, I’am here too! Thank you for your strong , but peaceful words  written in this poem or book” Or Thank You for giving me courage to get my dark feelings out in a positive and creative way . ”

For some Christian Encouragement please read Cafe 1 Live , by someone who loves everyone and believes  God and Jesus does too.


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