What I found Today

I was blog cruising today for HerotoZero ‘s assignment for day 12.  Where, we feature a blog that inspired us to leave a comment on. As wells as elaborate on the comment and elements of the post that we agree or disagree with.  From that I happily came across: C.M.CrabTree post: Be Yourself, Love Yourself.

Who’s post is brave and poses some  questions that should be well thought out. One  question she asked,that I liked, was: “will they like me if they know how I really feel?” She asked this about people in general, whom one would seek approval from.

I gave that question a few minutes of  thought and  came up with a pretty similar conclusion as C.M. CrabTree. I don’t want to give you the answers, because I want you to give her short, but power piece a read. But, I must say in life, period. We must choose wisely and peacefully  for the good of everyone, as well.

Meaning, if you stand up or speak up for something, sometimes no matter how good our intentions are, not everyone wants to see outside the box or ware used shoes. To further add to the title of her post, I’d like to say if you are purely being the best you, you are, it makes it  less difficult to disagree with a  kind, peaceful and honest person and I understand it’s also difficult at times, too.

Now, to Day Thirteen: Time to build a (better) blogroll. Check out the Zero to Hero main page for details and resources.

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