State of the Union

The State of the Union Speech tonight was going to be my first real post on today’s events. But, half way through I felt it wasn’t the post I wanted.  Because I,  didn’t want to rant and perhaps,  I wanted to believe in the dream of what President Obama was telling us.

However, I have to give in to how I feel about a couple of things. Like, the Obama Heath Care . I feel, it’s  not the insurance for me.  But, unfortunately I wasn’t  given that Choice. As  I had received a letter from my insurance, that I wouldn’t be receiving its medical care anymore.

What? I thought calling my insurance company. Who, told me I couldn’t  keep them or my doctors , for the fact that my job choose the presidents care. So! who I’m really mad at?! Both, because if He (Obama) hadn’t demanded it , than my job wouldn’t have accepted his terms!

Also, let me be clear here as I’m sure that,  O care is good for someone. Especially, if they raise minimum wage to 10.00 dollars for all job descriptions . Because, they’ll need it to pay their new health care, me included.

Okay, enough of  that! To be honest I’m not against our president , he has done a lot of good things such as: Immigration, same sex marriage,  and now working on women earning, truly the same as men. Let’s not forget, getting our man and women out of this war.

Which brings me to a moving moment when, he honored: injured Army Ranger Sgt. 1st Class Cory Remsburg . As a big supporter of our U.S. Troops, I was  completely inspired by his endurance of getting better after his life threatening injuries. He gained them  from a road side bombing, while in Afghanistan. It was a blessing to see him  standing as he received a standing  ovation. That was worth watching the darn speech for me

However, I have to throw some shade as I wipe my eyes, of tears, I watched his comrade clapping from different locations. I thought how great would it had been, if he had stood with him. But, never the less it was a great moment.

I wish I could say more about the speech, however a lot of it needs to been seen . Otherwise, it sounds like a great diplomatic speech, for us who are living in the Haves and Haves Nots era. Which isn’t your Oprah’s version.

Blessings ~ Leah


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