Prayer Hands

Hands: Five Minutes write prompt word


Holding  and pointing to scold me. Your hands have cause me pain with a stinging sensation across my face. . As my own hands touch my face to soothe the pain and the marks , I’m sure you’ve left. Along with you walking out the door, without a sorry or care

I stand in tears. Yet, I vow to myself,  as God is my witness, you’ve  hurt me for the last time. I will take only what I came with. I Will also leave with good faith , that seems to blind me to knowledge, that God will see me through in Jesus’s name.

It’s all I have to help me get through, as I calm our only child and pack her favorite toy, blanket and some clothes. I  have to put all our things in one roll away suitcase. Due to the fact, we’ll take public transportation to a shelter that, in Christ’s name will help us , keep us anonymous and away from you.

And my panicked heart,  is least worried about the heavenly Father ‘s job. But, worried  on how soon you’ll  return. Which has been a never ending feeling through out the last few years of what was once a beautiful marriage.  

It changed,because of your  mood swing. Which,changes like your job at the stock market .

Funny putting blind hope on stocks and money can gave me a comfortable lifestyle. I guess it’s time for my soul to upgrade and leave this sandcastle behind.


Om.g. Leave it to Lisa Jo Baker’s 5 minute friday to stretch our creative  minds so briefly.

What is 5 minute Friday it’s where we blog for the appropriate time leaving  our editing and critical minds on the floor. Please use by clicking the link above.

Psst…. This really came to mind without much thought. so please be forgiving. while reading it.


4 thoughts on “Prayer Hands

  1. Woe. Powerful words. Makes my heart ache to know this happens over and again. Except that many women stay instead of leaving.
    I have memories of my father hurting my mom. It’s seared into my memory. I don’t know how she endured the abuse and how she mustered the strength to leave. That was a long, long time ago.
    Mercy, grace, and strength to you. I’m visiting from FMF.

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