A Macro view


I had some time and  have been looking for a new and fun community to join. I went through this process by going to the Daily Post at WordPress’s page : Blog Event Listing . While I was there I found Lens and Pens by Sally  photo  challenge: Phoneography Challenge .Which happens every Monday  and today’s assignment is Macro Photography .As you can see I may have missed the mark a bit. But the photo in the bubble is small.

Besides, I  had fun using a new editing app called: Rookie.. It comes with four free editing packs, with 10 filters each. For the above photo I  used the Heavy Rain pack : Dusk and Starry.  With That said it’s been a joy, Leah

Psst!…. link here:Phoneography Badge, 2013


Feeling Alone



I’m joining Christspriration, prompt ,because it’s close t0 my soul ;-). I also thought this would be a perfect picture when my friend reminded of the same sentiments as this enlightening challenge, when they saw this photo. ( the sentiments,is to photography the beauty of God through our savior Jesus Christ)

So, I hope this is a well received  picture for Christspiration a new blog I will be following. ~The End

Hi, WordPressers! I’m a week behind, I have some time out of my busy work week  to  be apart of today’s challenge at Zero to Hero . What is that you all ask? I guess you have to follow the link to find out.

Blessings Leah 00-xx

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Photo Trek 2014


Hello, Everyone! I just wanted to send you a quick post as I trek my way through many of your encouraging blogs. But, I had to make a stop to make some minor changes to my blog. I’m doing this as part of the challenge at ZerotoHero #15 Happy blogging.

Blessings~Leah 00 -xx

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Determine a Voice

Map art | Love is a verb

Photo via: Pinterest also Link to artist through photo

a person who likes to write short stories, poetry and writing in general. I never thought that my blog needed a set voice. I thought it was much like storytelling one page at a time. However, It’s that one page that has to hook our readers in; that’s where I need help.

Unless, I can define my voice in blogging. Which is what I choose for ZeroToHero: Day 14: Blogger’s Choice! Where I found a couple of helpful resources to begin that journey. Here’s the first place I visited:developing your blogging voice  and second place:Grammar Girl: Understanding Voice and Tone in writing. Hopefully, once I get my voice, than I can get a set type of readers. Hence, my reasoning for discovering my blog self.

So, once I finish this post I will go back to my bookmarks and revisit each place. I just wanted to stop and share what I found along my trip. Because, as writers and bloggers we can never stop learning in this ever evolving world of words and roads.

Blessings~ Leah x-0




A New Element

Avicii-Hey-Bother-No-Maka-2014-remix  ~Hit this link It’s a music 😉

Let me start off by saying I would have loved to have  done  a mix media, but I’m using a loner computer for a while. So. Please enjoy the song, as this will be a short post for : Zero To Hero , Day 6: Publish A Post That Includes A New Element .

That element  for was music! it’s a remix I found on Sound Cloud, I picked it because I  like Avicii. As for the rest of the music, see photo as my disclaimer  :))))))

Photo via :  A.D.D. Music Mamma on Facebook this is also the link to there

Blessing ~Leah

Simply The Best

Daily Prompt: Simply the Best

When and where do you do your best thinking? In the bathroom? While running? Just before bed, or first thing in the morning? On the bus? Why do you think that is?

Here’s the answers:

When and where do I do my best thinking: I seem to think better like most people, when I’m alone during anytime of  the day.  I can also do it anywhere, even in  an area full of noise. For example, if I  take public transportation , I let the scenery take my worries away. It’s there that I let my mind go, disconnect from what’s around me and let my mind wander until it picks up on something, good and create something from that.

However, if it’s serious than see above paragraph  but add this version: (of course I pray) Where my conclusion happens after I  shallow my pride and move forward.  Of course  I do that after a long jog, with music blasting from my ear phones, and saying a lot of un-holy words. 

Why do I think that is: I think that way because I’m use to having a lot going on around me. Also being alone is not an option always, nor is going for a walk, or avoiding a way to work. So, creativity comes in handy.  I learned this from my father who was a music professor and musician. Who would practice  playing piano as a form thinking for must situations




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It’s all about this

“Who I am  and why I’m here”


Having a blog and blogging is a great place to display my love for writing. It’s something that I hope to keep an open mind and stay receptive to most forms of creativity. Which, I’ve already found ,through the adventures of editing photos for Instagram. Or, when I  participate in an art challenge like: Create Everyday.

It’s because of  my enjoyment of  those things, that I want to share my finds. I’m always looking for new things to explore  around the blogoshere, internet and the real world of artist . As far as  the real world I’ve met some interesting people whose creative work I’d like to feature on my little blog.

So, keep your eyes open because you never know what I’ll find. So, please stay awhile and read through my viewfinder of words and enjoy your Words Trip , Words striped bare on a spine of a book. ~ Leah (a.k.a writer in Progress)