Release perfection

Go……. Release

Release, let everything go and impart it to the one who loves you best. Who is unseen, but yields to you more than any bird or flower that grows from the earth. Who sees you more beautiful than the sun setting across any sea. Or the sun rising over a desert dune or any exotic landscape. Because he regards these things in you, he’d like for his love to shine through you. Yes! Broken and rejected you.

As well as the one that’s not commercially beautiful. He wants his grace to shine through you like a diamond in the coal. Because, you’re just that precious to him. And you whose skin isn’t  perfect or too dark, He wants his blessings to shine from within you like the sun does through a cleft of the darkest alcove. Yes! He found you and became awe_struck from your beauty.

Also to you, who thinks every negative thing about yourself, due to  you weren’t made like everyone else. Which, leaves you to have to modify thing in  your everyday life. I am jealous of you, because his true ability shines through you. Like a priceless crown above his head.

Likewise, those who have lost. Because of tragedies. Nonetheless, they never give up on putting their lives and hometowns back on track. He, gives them the gift of resurrection and healing. Like, Jesus Christ, whose sits beside Him.


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Prayer Hands

Hands: Five Minutes write prompt word


Holding  and pointing to scold me. Your hands have cause me pain with a stinging sensation across my face. . As my own hands touch my face to soothe the pain and the marks , I’m sure you’ve left. Along with you walking out the door, without a sorry or care

I stand in tears. Yet, I vow to myself,  as God is my witness, you’ve  hurt me for the last time. I will take only what I came with. I Will also leave with good faith , that seems to blind me to knowledge, that God will see me through in Jesus’s name.

It’s all I have to help me get through, as I calm our only child and pack her favorite toy, blanket and some clothes. I  have to put all our things in one roll away suitcase. Due to the fact, we’ll take public transportation to a shelter that, in Christ’s name will help us , keep us anonymous and away from you.

And my panicked heart,  is least worried about the heavenly Father ‘s job. But, worried  on how soon you’ll  return. Which has been a never ending feeling through out the last few years of what was once a beautiful marriage.  

It changed,because of your  mood swing. Which,changes like your job at the stock market .

Funny putting blind hope on stocks and money can gave me a comfortable lifestyle. I guess it’s time for my soul to upgrade and leave this sandcastle behind.


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Weekly Round Up.

Okay, My top three favorites sites for the week.

1) New Nostalgia  is an encouraging  and healthy blog that is founded by cancer survivor  Amy Bowmen  . Once you read her story on  battling with the illness, this will be your favorite blog. As it has healthy cancer fighting recipes and remedies . I tried some and they’re yummy! She  also has posts on  being a motherhood,  style and gardening. This, blog is a breath of new air to read.

You’ll want to know her better once your read the bio under her profile photo:

” Welcome to New Nostalgia! Here you’ll find my quest to be present in each moment, learning from yesterday and living simply in the NEW!” ~ Amy Bowmen

2)  Leaf T.V.  Is a refreshing site for food, fashion and d.i.y tutorial, the tutorial features: the Whitney Port series. Where did I find them? On , Insatgram. I saw a   3 second video on, how to make a quick and  healthy snack. Brilliant! Right?!

I mean, what girl doesn’t like food, fashion and wants to learn how to make her own  jewlery.  So, it’s a no brainier, that Leaf t.v  is the go to blog  that might have it all.

3) Comtentplating Beauty  by Gina  who’s  funny, endearing , a mother, and  a wife who makes really lovely crochet things!  Who’ll, share real parts of her life, among  the good graces that surround her. I saw this , when I read her  post about her  daughter  going off to college. She wrote about dealing with the separation of her daughter in living in another state.  Also,  she once shared  a childhood trauma> Both of  those storied  shows her vulnerability and bravery.

Gina’s Blog is where you to sip hot coco with a good friend, while you both smile and laugh at whatever comes your way 🙂

Well that’s my weekly round up, that I was happy to do. Thanks for challenge at Zero To Hero ‘s  DAY 23: PUBLISH A ROUNDUP.

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what’s on my mind? in 5 minutes

                                                              Part 1 Fight 

Words come and go like birds from tree to tree, They never seem to settle in my mind and just be. Because, words are precious things that feed the mind with creativity.

Muses,  that form sentences for many uses. Like , perfused  kind and calm words can deter a fight.

They take flight and land light on an impressionable soil, taking root as thier insight grows slowly.

Taking heed on a thirsty ground that , need more than water to fill it’s hollow cracks of hurt.

However wild words are they still can be controlled.


I’am writing this for 5 minuute friday at Lisa Jo Bakers it’s where we write for five minutes whatever  we want and post it unedited. it’s super fun.! Even if you late like me.

 Part 2 Whats on your mind

I thought this was the  perfect challenge for  ‘s prompt for day three: What’s on your mind? Because, when I first open a blog all I wanted to do was write about anything and everything. But, it wasn’t until other writing communities Like, Lisa’s and oddly d’Verse poetry pub that my blog became a poetry blog and a place to exercises all types of writing for practice. 

However, it began to limit me as it was named Writer in Progress. So, now I’m starting over for the main reason I discovered I like writing about things I find around the internet or life, that inspires me. By doing that  I’d  like to share my adventures and finds with other people.

This gives me more freedom and fun , and less thinking about writing. For the fact I’m doing it and learning in process. Which helps with what I’m working on outside of my blog. So, as a growing creative I appreciate having forums like this to write with.

Also, this time around my eyes and hears are open for helpful advice from our peers. Thank You, WordPress ~Leah

Also for some Christian Inspiration please read my other blog: Live1Cafe I’m reposting from other blogs right now, but enjoy~ Blessings