State of the Union

The State of the Union Speech tonight was going to be my first real post on today’s events. But, half way through I felt it wasn’t the post I wanted.  Because I,  didn’t want to rant and perhaps,  I wanted to believe in the dream of what President Obama was telling us.

However, I have to give in to how I feel about a couple of things. Like, the Obama Heath Care . I feel, it’s  not the insurance for me.  But, unfortunately I wasn’t  given that Choice. As  I had received a letter from my insurance, that I wouldn’t be receiving its medical care anymore.

What? I thought calling my insurance company. Who, told me I couldn’t  keep them or my doctors , for the fact that my job choose the presidents care. So! who I’m really mad at?! Both, because if He (Obama) hadn’t demanded it , than my job wouldn’t have accepted his terms!

Also, let me be clear here as I’m sure that,  O care is good for someone. Especially, if they raise minimum wage to 10.00 dollars for all job descriptions . Because, they’ll need it to pay their new health care, me included.

Okay, enough of  that! To be honest I’m not against our president , he has done a lot of good things such as: Immigration, same sex marriage,  and now working on women earning, truly the same as men. Let’s not forget, getting our man and women out of this war.

Which brings me to a moving moment when, he honored: injured Army Ranger Sgt. 1st Class Cory Remsburg . As a big supporter of our U.S. Troops, I was  completely inspired by his endurance of getting better after his life threatening injuries. He gained them  from a road side bombing, while in Afghanistan. It was a blessing to see him  standing as he received a standing  ovation. That was worth watching the darn speech for me

However, I have to throw some shade as I wipe my eyes, of tears, I watched his comrade clapping from different locations. I thought how great would it had been, if he had stood with him. But, never the less it was a great moment.

I wish I could say more about the speech, however a lot of it needs to been seen . Otherwise, it sounds like a great diplomatic speech, for us who are living in the Haves and Haves Nots era. Which isn’t your Oprah’s version.

Blessings ~ Leah


Weekly Round Up.

Okay, My top three favorites sites for the week.

1) New Nostalgia  is an encouraging  and healthy blog that is founded by cancer survivor  Amy Bowmen  . Once you read her story on  battling with the illness, this will be your favorite blog. As it has healthy cancer fighting recipes and remedies . I tried some and they’re yummy! She  also has posts on  being a motherhood,  style and gardening. This, blog is a breath of new air to read.

You’ll want to know her better once your read the bio under her profile photo:

” Welcome to New Nostalgia! Here you’ll find my quest to be present in each moment, learning from yesterday and living simply in the NEW!” ~ Amy Bowmen

2)  Leaf T.V.  Is a refreshing site for food, fashion and d.i.y tutorial, the tutorial features: the Whitney Port series. Where did I find them? On , Insatgram. I saw a   3 second video on, how to make a quick and  healthy snack. Brilliant! Right?!

I mean, what girl doesn’t like food, fashion and wants to learn how to make her own  jewlery.  So, it’s a no brainier, that Leaf t.v  is the go to blog  that might have it all.

3) Comtentplating Beauty  by Gina  who’s  funny, endearing , a mother, and  a wife who makes really lovely crochet things!  Who’ll, share real parts of her life, among  the good graces that surround her. I saw this , when I read her  post about her  daughter  going off to college. She wrote about dealing with the separation of her daughter in living in another state.  Also,  she once shared  a childhood trauma> Both of  those storied  shows her vulnerability and bravery.

Gina’s Blog is where you to sip hot coco with a good friend, while you both smile and laugh at whatever comes your way 🙂

Well that’s my weekly round up, that I was happy to do. Thanks for challenge at Zero To Hero ‘s  DAY 23: PUBLISH A ROUNDUP.

Also Please take notice I did ,DAY 20: ADD A NEW PAGE , PLEASE GO TO Creative Writing to Visit  IT, I WROTE MY 5 MINUTE FRIDAY POST THERE. 

Feeling Alone



I’m joining Christspriration, prompt ,because it’s close t0 my soul ;-). I also thought this would be a perfect picture when my friend reminded of the same sentiments as this enlightening challenge, when they saw this photo. ( the sentiments,is to photography the beauty of God through our savior Jesus Christ)

So, I hope this is a well received  picture for Christspiration a new blog I will be following. ~The End

Hi, WordPressers! I’m a week behind, I have some time out of my busy work week  to  be apart of today’s challenge at Zero to Hero . What is that you all ask? I guess you have to follow the link to find out.

Blessings Leah 00-xx

Live 1 Cafe has a new post up! it’s a christian blog , for EVERYONE!!!!!!


Determine a Voice

Map art | Love is a verb

Photo via: Pinterest also Link to artist through photo

a person who likes to write short stories, poetry and writing in general. I never thought that my blog needed a set voice. I thought it was much like storytelling one page at a time. However, It’s that one page that has to hook our readers in; that’s where I need help.

Unless, I can define my voice in blogging. Which is what I choose for ZeroToHero: Day 14: Blogger’s Choice! Where I found a couple of helpful resources to begin that journey. Here’s the first place I visited:developing your blogging voice  and second place:Grammar Girl: Understanding Voice and Tone in writing. Hopefully, once I get my voice, than I can get a set type of readers. Hence, my reasoning for discovering my blog self.

So, once I finish this post I will go back to my bookmarks and revisit each place. I just wanted to stop and share what I found along my trip. Because, as writers and bloggers we can never stop learning in this ever evolving world of words and roads.

Blessings~ Leah x-0




What I found Today

I was blog cruising today for HerotoZero ‘s assignment for day 12.  Where, we feature a blog that inspired us to leave a comment on. As wells as elaborate on the comment and elements of the post that we agree or disagree with.  From that I happily came across: C.M.CrabTree post: Be Yourself, Love Yourself.

Who’s post is brave and poses some  questions that should be well thought out. One  question she asked,that I liked, was: “will they like me if they know how I really feel?” She asked this about people in general, whom one would seek approval from.

I gave that question a few minutes of  thought and  came up with a pretty similar conclusion as C.M. CrabTree. I don’t want to give you the answers, because I want you to give her short, but power piece a read. But, I must say in life, period. We must choose wisely and peacefully  for the good of everyone, as well.

Meaning, if you stand up or speak up for something, sometimes no matter how good our intentions are, not everyone wants to see outside the box or ware used shoes. To further add to the title of her post, I’d like to say if you are purely being the best you, you are, it makes it  less difficult to disagree with a  kind, peaceful and honest person and I understand it’s also difficult at times, too.

Now, to Day Thirteen: Time to build a (better) blogroll. Check out the Zero to Hero main page for details and resources.

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